Constant Circumferential Speed
Proven designing principles and controlled manufacturing process ensure that all contact points between raceways and rollers have the same circumferential speed, leading to a pure rolling motion. Large end face of the rollers ios spherically formed to form a supporting lubricating film.
Advantages : Minimum friction, reduced wear and long bearing life.
Taper Roller Bearings  Optimized Macro Geometry
nikko Taper Roller Bearings are so designed, that largest possible rollers are accommodated in the available space.
Advantages : Higher load carrying capacities.
Taper Roller Bearings  Uniform Load Distribution
Micro geometry and profiling of raceways and rollers of nikko Taper Roller Bearings are optimized to reduce edge stressing considerably. Thus bearing capacities are utilized to the maximum.
Advantages : Long life and high bearing reliability under tough operating conditions.
Taper Roller Bearings  Clean Materials and Controlled Heat Treatment
nikko Taper Roller Bearings are made from rolling bearing steel of high purity. Heat treatment of the outer ring, inner ring and roller is controlled such that bearings have high fatigue and endurance strength.
Advantages : nikko bearings withstand damaging action of contaminations and achieve long service life.
Taper Roller Bearings  Superior Surface Finish
nikko Taper Roller Bearings are manufactured according to strict specifications followed by the nikko group world wide. Each nikko bearing is manufactured with a precision to the order of 1/1000000.
Advantages : Low friction, quiet running and energy savings.
Nikko Bearings  Using Latest CAD & CAM software
Designed with the help of advanced calculation programs. nikko Bearings have more load carrying capacity and minimum friction.
Advantages : Long Life of bearings.

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