thrust bearings, taper roller bearings, ball bearings


Indo Nikko’s status as a global player in the bearings industry largely stems from its manufacturing operations at Chakan, Pune. The facility is replete with sophisticated machinery and features a cellular layout with an advanced degree of automotive and computer controlled manufacturing technology.

The Indo Nikko quality practice is applied across the production line. From raw materials to finished parts, to assembled units, to inspection, to lubrication through to final product packaging. Surveillance units including roving inspectors monitor the quality of all incoming raw material and consumables. The incoming supplies of bearing steel and components are subjected to the latest in stringent chemical and metallurgical tests for both micro and macro cleanliness. In addition the etch test, the crack detection test and the hardness test among others, ensure dependable quality of Indo Nikko products. All gauges and masters are periodically calibrated to maintain consistent quality.

Indo Nikko rolls out the best.

thrust bearings, taper roller bearings, ball bearings

We use the best equipments to manufacture our bearings .  
    BLANCHARD surface grinder (USA)
    TOS Double disk grinder (Czechoslovakia)
    WMW mikrosa center less grinders (Germany)
    WMW AGL 50 (Germany)
    WMW AGL 125 (Germany)
    FAMIR (Italy)
    ROCKWELL (Germany)
    BWF SI 4 (Germany)
    BWF SIW 3B (Germany)
    WMW SIW 3U (Germany)
    WMW SIAG 50 (Germany)
    FAMIR (Italy)
    SUFINA (Germany)
    GRIESHABERS (Germany)
    WMW SZ W4 (Germany)
    THIELANUS (Germany)

Indo Nikko makes bearings from high carbon chromium SAE 52100 vacuum degassed steel. All the components of bearing rings, balls and rollers are treated in a controlled Nitrogen atmosphere in a GEC ALSTHOM Shakerer Hearth Furnace with a continuous washing line and tempering furnace to realize maximum metallurgical characteristics for bearing longevity enhancement.

Indo Nikko boasts of one of the finest quality assurance laboratories in the world. Our Chakan facility is equipped with world-renowned brands of quality checking and assuring instruments and gauges:

ROUNDNESS is measured with a Talyrond machine from Taylor Hobson, England.

SURFACE ROUGHNESS is measured on a Talysurf machine from Taylor Hobson, England.

HARDNESS TESTING is measured on a Rockwell Hardness Tester from Germany.

CALIBRATION of masters is carried out on a SIP machine from Germany.

DIAL INDICATORS and Gauges are from CARL Zeiss & VEB of Germany.

At Indo Nikko Bearings Ltd., bearings are produced to tolerance standards set by:

1. Angular Bearing Engineers Committee – ABEC
2. Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association – AFBMA
3. International Organization for Standardization – IOS

Good equipment is imperative to achieve quality in a precision product. Indo Nikko’s installed base incorporates the best machines for bearing manufacturing. These machines enable us to achieve the highest levels of quality as:

1. They are CNC controlled.
2. Critical stage processes are controlled automatically by marposs gauges.
3. The state-of-the-art cleaning system prevents dust or foreign elements from contaminating the bearing components with 5-micron filtration of all washing media.
4. Each workstation is equipped with measuring and controlling gauges and instruments, to ensure that each component is confirmed for correct tolerances before being passed on for a subsequent operation.

Indo Nikko has a full-fledged in-house R & D facility to design all kinds of bearings and toolings. Bearing design is done on the latest CAD & CAM software. Furthermore a complete engineering and research facility solves intricate problems with expert advice on the design, development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of bearings.